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Asser Oakes
Asser OakesWelcome To Asser Oakes & Bollin Dale Engineering

We are a well established equipment manufacturer specialising in the Pre bake and post bake operations within the Bakery and Confectionery industry, such as: -

  • Mixing and Aeration (Batters, Mallows and Creams.)
  • Depositing (Volumetric, and spot depositing of Batters, creams and Jams etc.)
  • Pie making

As part of our ongoing development Bollin Dale acquired ASSER OAKES, a company for which we have been manufacturing equipment for many years. Therefore if you have any Asser Oakes or Oakes equipment we will have records and drawings, and can readily supply spares or service if the equipment is still in use.

We as a company have over 60 years of collective experience in the specification, design and manufacture of dedicated equipment for the Bakery and Confectionery industries. Our resources include process engineers, design engineers and a fully modernised machining facility.

Within our portfolio we can provide a vast range of equipment but specialise in Continuous Aeration equipment (Oakes type) and various types of depositors from small batch manufacture up to continuous line food production. We also supply Pie machines based on the Asser Oakes Range. We can provide a refurbishment service along with supplying a full range of spares and change parts for existing Asser Oakes or Oakes equipment.

As a manufacturer with in house machining facilities we are able to provide bespoke equipment for any specialist application including “handmade” type applications. We also undertake refurbishment work and can provide change parts for most other manufacturer’s equipment.

Please view our web site pages and products for further information.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any specific requirements you may have or services we could offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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